Morse Code Music

By Andrew Crawford (VE1VAC)

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Creative Commons License Morse Code Music (MP3)
Morse Code Music - No spoken voice (MP3)
Morse Code Music by Andrew Crawford VE1VAC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.
I originally wrote this back in 2004 when I was learning Morse Code myself. At that time it was still a requirement for Canadian amateurs wanting access to the HF bands. I've always been able to memorize music easily - even while sleeping - and I thought setting the Morse alphabet to music might be helpful. I composed this music in the very wonderful FL Studio - see the screenshot above.

The end product is annoying, repetitive, and not likely to win any major music awards in the near future. But... it works. At least, it did for me; it helped me pass my Morse test. So I can't guarantee that listening to Morse Code music will help you learn it... but composing Morse Code music has proven effective in 100% of known cases!